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Jenny Haskins Krinkle Magic

Krinkle Magic is the perfect answer for adding dimension and texture to your next quilting or sewing project! Use this "shrinking" fabric to literally add wrinkles and krinkles to most weights and textures of fabric. To use this amazing product simply place it behind your fabric and stitch the two pieces together using a stipple stitch, or keep it uniform by stitching a grid or diamond grid. Once the stitching is done steam iron the piece. Krinkle Magic will shrink the fabric it is attached to by an average of 30% creating lovely "krinkles" between all the stitching! Once the piece is krinkled, cut it to size and insert into a pillow, garment, quilt, or home dec item just as you would any normal piece of fabric. There is no need to fuse an interlining to hold the krinkles in place, Krinkle Magic Fabric will last through laundering – washer, dryer and dry clean safe! Results will vary due to different weights and textures of fabrics.