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Elna Scissor Kit

Contact The Sewing House for more information
Contact The Sewing House for more information.
Elna Scissor Kit includes : 1x 9.5" Fabric Shear, 1x6" Straight Trimmer, 1x 4.5" Angled Tweezers, 1x 6" Duck Bill Applique Scissors, 1x 6" Double Curved Machine Mebroidery Scissors, 1x 4" Large Ring Micro Tip Scissors Straight, 1x 4" Large Ring Fire Point Scissors Curved, 1x 5" Micro Serrarated EZ Snip Curved, 1x Seam Ripper with replacement blade. All in a custom blue leather, Elna decorative gift box for storage.


Use with:Any sewing machine.